Jørn Utzon

Designer Jørn Utzon

Jørn Oberg Utzon, born on April 9, 1918 in Copenhagen, was a Danish architect who became world famous in 1957 for his design of the Sydney Opera House. The architect, who died in 2008, was awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize for his life's work in 2003.

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After studying architecture in Copenhagen in 1937, Utzon went through a volatile period until 1942, when he became an associate of Paul Hedqvist in Stockholm. In 1946 he worked for Alvar Aalto for a few months, then lived with Frank Lloyd Wright in the US state of Wisconsin, and then traveled Europe. In 1950, Jørn Utzon finally opened his own office in Copenhagen, where he made a name for himself with residential buildings. The design of the Sydney Opera House brought Utzon worldwide renown and many other commissions, including the Melli Bank in Tehran and the Parliament Building in Kuwait.

To design something that serves people was the intention of Jorn Utzon, probably the most famous Danish architect. The highlight of his career was the ingenious design of the Sydney Opera House in 1957. Because Utzon refused to compromise on the design, he was removed from construction management by the Australian government in 1966 and was not allowed to complete the work that is inextricably linked with his name. The design idea for the Opera House probably flowed into the design of Lightyears luminaires by Fritz Hansen. Light determines the prevailing mood in the room; it enhances relaxation or contributes to the atmosphere of work. The shape of this thoughtful lamp once again proves the skill of the world-renowned architect and designer.


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