Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) is an important Danish architect of the 20th century. The artist designed more now!
Eileen Gray (1878-1976) is one of the most influential designers of the modern era. A portrait of the designer.
Design the individual piece of USM furniture for your office or home with the 3D configurator.
Tips and ideas for the right lighting for small and large rooms
The designer in portrait
Rocking stimulates the organ of equilibrium, triggers a feeling of well-being, reduces the sensation of pain and provides for the release of endorphins.

Feng Shui

The art of home and office decoration: Feng Shui and Death Cleaning
Tips on lighting, room size, colors and more.
Furniture from renowned designers enrich the outdoor area and the garden. Learn more now!
Lounge chairs are the cozy seat in the house and on top real eye-catchers.
Creative design from Spain
Real or fake? Recognising fakes.
Hella Jongerius designs for Vitra, among others. A portrait of the Dutch designer.
That's why the investment can pay off!
From cantilever chair to cantilever chair. The history of the two-legged chair.
The leather specialist Wilhelm Knoll (1839-1907) founded a leather store in Stuttgart in 1865. This is the history of Knoll International
Permanent noise affects the psyche, impairs health and makes people ill. Employers are obliged to protect their employees from noise.
Beautiful gifts for a special day

Color typology

As soon as colors come together, a contrast is created that affects the viewer.
A good intention for 2021 can be to set up your home office efficiently.
Philippe Starck steht für klassische und moderne Designs. In seiner Karriere kreierte er annähernd 10.000 Designs.
The colors in your home or business reflect your taste, individuality or corporate design.
In the dark season, atmospheric lighting provides coziness.
Sustainable design, the responsible use of resources.
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