A lot of things come together in the office and they need to be organised. But organising in the office is not that easy when you have to organise your desk, your documents, your mails and last but not least yourself. Learn more now!
A rocking mechanism ensures that the backrest and seat can tilt backwards together and synchronously at the same angle when leaning. This enables...learn more now!
Colours play a major role because, apart from the aesthetic effect, they also have a psychological influence on the human psyche. Learn more now!
Furnishing a small office is no easy task. If you work in your home office, the study must not only be functional, but also visually stimulating. Learn more now!
Many people spend a large part of their day sitting at their desk. In order to feel comfortable at work, it is important that the workplace is comfortable. Not only do you need a comfortable office chair, the right height of the desk also plays a role.

Isamu Noguchi

The Museum Ludwig in Cologne is showing works by the sculptor Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988), a retrospective of 150 works. Learn more now!
Indoor plants are a great addition to the office, and not just for decoration and visual enhancement. Learn more now!
Sitting or standing? That's not the question with the height-adjustable desks in your pro office shop, which meet the demands of ergonomic workplaces.
Fritz Hansen is the traditional company from Denmark. The company became known through its collaboration with Arne Jacobsen and the furniture he designed for the...learn more now!
There are no rules for the decoration of home accessories; whatever you like is allowed. Learn more now!
The carpenter Fritz Hansen founded the eponymous company in 1872 in Denmark. Learn more now!
The right chairs for the kitchen and dining room are definitely the ones that will give you...read more now!
There is no such thing as an ideal luminaire - it is good to have several areas with different light sources...read more now!
Artificial intelligence transfers human learning and thinking in defined objectives to the computer. Basis...read on now!
Sustainable Design or Ecodesign is based on the principles of sustainability. Ecodesign means the design of...read more now!
Design classics have character, a high recognition value and outlast every trend. What defines a design classic?
The right attitude: if you work many hours sitting down, you would do well to adapt your office chair rather than adapt to a chair in order to maintain your health.

Women in design

Women in design - the long struggle for equality up to the present day
With the Flow Motion mechanism, people in the office can live out their natural urge to move...learn more now!
Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) is an important Danish architect of the 20th century. The artist designed entire...read more now!
Eileen Gray (1878-1976) is one of the most influential designers of the modern era. A portrait of the designer.
Design the individual piece of USM furniture for your office or home with the 3D configurator.
Tips and ideas for the right lighting for small and large rooms
The designer in portrait
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