Simon Busse

Awarded industrial designer

Simon Busse was born in 1976 and studied industrial design at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. Since 2006 Busse runs his own design studio. He has already received numerous awards for his work, including the German Design Award and the Interiour Innovation Award.


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Designer - Simon Busse

Simon Busse was born in 1976 and studied industrial design at the State Academy of Fine Arts and at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He worked for Frank Tjepkema in Amsterdam and for Xavier Claramunt and Gonzalo Mila in Barcelona. He then graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart, an exciting city between innovative start-ups and traditional companies with a lot of know-how. He loves the topography of the city with its many different perspectives. Buses feels well-connected in Stuttgart. For his projects, the exchange with other people and designers is important to him. He appreciates craftsmanship, which gives workpieces more soul than a purely industrially manufactured product. Busse draws inspiration, information and transfer knowledge for his work from completely different projects and areas, such as the fashion sector. He starts with a sketch; cardboard models follow to check the proportions. Busse prefers bio-based and durable materials for his products. Since 2006 the designer has been self-employed with his own studio, where he tackles many a project. He has already been awarded the German Design Award and the Interiour Innovation Award for his designs. Besides his work in his own office, Simon Busse advises industrial companies such as Carl Zeiss and teaches at universities of applied sciences.


Furniture by Simon Busse - the side table Marionet

Well known is the side table Marionet by Mox, which is a real eye-catcher due to its refined design. The metal part connects three table legs made of solid oak wood. An elastic band, which serves as a handle, penetrates the table top and holds the three solid oak table legs securely together. This way the beautiful tables can be easily transported.