Paul McCobb

Designer Paul McCobb & manufacturer Fritz Hansen

Paul McCobb (1917-1969) is of Irish descent and was born in Massachusetts. His father was a furniture salesman and son Paul knew early on that he wanted to become an artist.


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He studied drawing and painting at the Vesper George School of Art in Boston. Since he enlisted in the army as a private in December 1942, he did not complete the training. After the war, McCobb began working as a design and decoration consultant for Martin Feinmans Modernage Furniture in New York. There he became known primarily for his furniture designs, and his Planner line was one of the best-selling furniture lines of the 1950s. McCobb also designed household items such as radios, televisions and hi-fi consoles.

Paul McCobb - vintage and modern

Paul McCobb moved from Boston to New York in 1948 to fulfill his dream of working as a designer. He was self-taught in design, his understanding of perspective paved his way as one of the most important designers of his time. Perspective and scale became his trademark. The designer's tables, shelves and lamps were designed with a special understanding of the entire room. Thin lines, the simplicity of form and a distinct lightness characterize the works of Paul McCobb, who was considered a realist and perfectionist. McCobbs stands for functional design, where the essentials are paramount, both in functionality and aesthetics. The new edition of the McCobb coffee tables Planner™ by Fritz Hansen are vintage and modern at the same time. Fine details of the base frames make a real McCobb design recognizable.