Monica Förster

Designer - Monica Förster

Monica Förster was born in Stockholm in 1966. When she was nine years old, she moved with her parents to quieter Lapland, from where she returned to study at the Swedish School of Art in Stockholm, the Konstfack, and the Beckmans School of Design.


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Fritz Hansen Lullaby pendant lamp
Fritz Hansen Lullaby pendant lamp
Fritz Hansen Lullaby™ pendant lamp. Discover product now and oder directly online.
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In 1999 Förster opened her own studio and has been working as a lecturer for design on the side ever since. The work of the Swedish artist is characterized by strong shaping and experiments with new materials and technologies. For Monica Förster the idea behind each object is in the foreground; only when the idea is established does she concentrate on forms, colours and details based on old craft techniques.

Monica Förster - new technologies and innovative material mix

Monica Förster has her own studio, the Förster Design Studio, based in Stockholm and works with internationally renowned companies such as Fritz Hansen. Since 2015, the designer has also been advising other companies in the design industry and supporting the Bosnian company Zanat from Konjic, which produces designer furniture in traditional woodcarving and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017. Today, Förster is one of Sweden's most famous designers. Her works are exhibited worldwide, even at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. She has received numerous Swedish and international awards as Designer of the Year, has been awarded the "Golden Chair" by the renowned Swedish Architectural Association and has also been featured in the Yearbook of International Design.

Monica Förster is distinguished by her interest in new technologies and innovative material combinations. She develops new designs using 3-D paper models in which the intuitive, tactile process creates unexpected possibilities that deviate from the original plan. Her paper models stand in exciting contrast to computer designs with their mathematical precision.

Living with the Lullaby™ pendant lights by Fritz Hansen

The Lullaby™ pendant luminaires by Monica Förster are luminous objects made of sustainable materials that radiate lightness and grace. The lampshade forms pentagons held in place by slender ash struts. The ash forms the soft material of polyethylene (PE). The special shape of the shade and the bend inwards prevent possible glare. The plastic offers outstanding opalescence. Lullaby™ emits soft, subdued light that immediately creates a cosy atmosphere; Lullaby means "lullaby", a perfect name for the design.