Designer Iskos-Berlin

"Change in change" is the motto of the Danish company Iskos-Berlin Design, which was founded in 2010 as a cooperation between Aleksej Iskos and Boris Berlin.


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Fritz Hansen Avion pendant lamp
Fritz Hansen Avion pendant lamp
Fritz Hansen Avion pendant lamp. Big and light pendant lamp by Aleksej Iskos and Boris Berlin. Discover the product now and order directly in the online shop.
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The two designers got to know each other in the office Komplot Design, where Berlin was co-founder and Iskos worked as an assistant for over 11 years. From their longstanding collaboration, a common design philosophy has emerged, which describes design as "storytelling". Design tells a complex story consisting of a system of rules, a shape, and of material and technology. The clearer, humorous and simple the story told, the more likely people are to like and understand it. With a surprise effect, the story is remembered. The two designers observe how people deal with objects and think about them. At Iskos-Berlin the materials are allowed to choose their own direction and speak for themselves. In their first series of luminaires at Lightyears by Fritz Hansen, Iskos-Berlin's luminaires were inspired by UFOs and well-known flying objects for the design of the luminaires.

Boris Berlin

The industrial and graphic designer Boris Berlin was born in St. Petersburg in 1953 and studied at the Institute of Applied Arts and Design in St. Petersburg until graduating in 1975. In 1976 he designed various industrial products and worked as a graphic designer. After moving to Denmark in 1983 he worked independently under the label BORIS BERLIN DESIGN. From 1985-19887 he worked for Penta Design, where he designed computer workstations. As a partner and co-founder of KOMPLOT Design, Boris Berlin received numerous design prizes and awards together with Poul Christiansen. The works of KOMPLOT Design are represented in museums all over the world. In 2010 he founded the company ISKOS-BERLIN Design with his new partner Aleksej Iskos.

Aleksey Iskos

Aleksej Iskos was born in the Ukraine in 1965. He studied architecture and education before moving to Denmark in 1991, where he graduated from the Institute of Industrial Design in 1996. From 1999 to 2010, he worked as an assistant at Komplot Design in Copenhagen, and then in 2010, together with Boris Berlin, he started his own business as a partner of ISKOS-BERLIN Design.